Air Conditioning Service in Clermont

Process of Installation

A non-functioning air conditioning system can be an absolute nightmare on hot summer days. However, hearing some unusual sound coming from your air-con is more concerning. Although a DIY quick fix sounds enticing, you never know what is going on inside the system. To ensure your air-con functions optimally, you need the assistance of an air conditioning services provider. A reliable technician can determine whether your old air-con needs a replacement or simple repair. Choosing experts will ensure you don’t have to deal with such air-con issues earlier in the future.

Patrick Refrigeration offers comprehensive and quality air conditioning services to residential and commercial property owners. Our HVAC services in Clermont are highly competitive and cover solving common (even extraordinary) air conditioning issues. Our expert technicians are licensed, qualified, and experienced in solving any air conditioning problem – from general repairs to changing ductwork. Apart from general repairs, our technicians can also ensure correct air-con installation and provide timely maintenance checks. No matter the make and model of your air conditioning system, we ensure to provide you with a reliable installation or maintenance service.

Our 30+ years of experience and industry knowledge have allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the trusted air conditioning repair and service providers in Clermont. We believe in providing residents and business owners with reliable services and solutions that ensure optimal results.

When trusting Patrick Refrigeration, you can have complete peace of mind from any potential air conditioning issues. Call us on (07) 4982 3740 for a reliable and affordable HVAC service.

Air Conditioning Installation in Clermont

Every homeowner and commercial business owner in Australia experiencing soaring high sunshine deserves the cooling effect of the air conditioning system. After all, the air conditioning system saves you from the hot, sunny weather outside. Some individuals finally decide to install an air-con on their property to enjoy a chilly and cool breeze on hot summer days. But without professional assistance. Air conditioning installation requires several considerations to ensure it is done correctly. Incorrect installation will affect the performance of the air-con system or result in costly repairs. Therefore, you must involve an expert technician to ensure accurate air-con installation.  

Whether you plan to install a second-hand air-con or opt for a brand new one, we can completely cover your air conditioning installation needs. Our experienced technicians ensure you get quality work and correct air-con and refrigeration installation in Clermont. We believe in helping residents and commercial businesses keep their HVAC systems up and running all year, every season. Our highly advanced diagnostic equipment and comprehensive procedure allow us to understand the potential issues with the performance of your air conditioning system. Apart from installing air conditioning systems, our expert technicians can also fix condensers, ductwork, thermostats, blowers, or any underlying issues with your HVAC system.

Allow our experts to assist with any air conditioning or refrigeration installation needs.

Why Choose Patrick Refrigeration?

  • Knowledgeable and Professional Technicians
  • Solution Focused Approach
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • We also offer portable air conditioners on a rental basis and provide premium quality commercial ice maker machines.
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Warning Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Maintenance

Homeowners and commercial businesses using air conditioning systems frequently should consider timely maintenance checks from an expert. Air-con maintenance ensures the system functions more optimally and efficiently. Ignoring timely maintenance will result in several issues that will eventually cost you thousands. However, being aware of warning signs can ensure timely action and reduce the chances of costly repair. Here are some common warning signs that indicate your air conditioning system requires maintenance:

  • Hearing unusual sounds from the unit
  • Receiving limited blows
  • Strange odour coming from inside unit
  • Noticing frequent water leaks from the unit
  • Increased electricity bills
  • Non-functional thermostat’
  • Having old air-con

If you notice any of these signs, we recommend calling us on (07) 4982 3740 immediately.