Air Conditioning Service In Moranbah

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One-stop shop for all your air conditioning needs. Are you fretting about your AC dysfunction from time to time? Does it have a mood of its own? Do you hear weird noises often that scare you? These are signs of an unfit AC unit that should not be ignored. If neglected, these can turn into severe cases where you might have to change your entire unit and spend a great amount unnecessarily, or cause accidents like short circuits. Our HVAC services in Moranbah are all you need to solve your AC problems and live peacefully in controlled temperatures.

At Patrick Refrigerations you can be rest assured that all your air conditioning issues will be resolved by highly skilled technicians. With 30+years of experience, we have been around different models of cooling units and have grown through a remarkable era of technology to be able to help you out with any problems, no matter what cooling unit you own. Whether it’s maintenance or repairs, our service is quick and affordable.

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Air Conditioning Repairs And Services

With Patrick Refrigeration, all our HVAC needs are met easily with no heavy costs and with a team of technicians who are skilled to not only fix your machines, but also diagnose your units with any malfunctions that may seem to be hidden. Whether you need reliable refrigeration installation, air condition unit repairs and service, or a cool room for hire, we are your guys. With walk-in freezers, ice maker machines, and cooling units, we provide adequate care for all.

Patrick Refrigeration is known for providing commercial, industrial, and domestic refrigeration installation in Moranbah. We have a 24/7 responsive customer care team that makes sure that there is a technician always available for you, at any time. We take emergencies very seriously and will make sure that our technicians reach you as soon as possible. We guarantee that all our clients will receive only the highest quality of services and equipment as we pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge, and passion. Our hard work has got us to a stage of excellent customer satisfaction and a brand that promises optimal solutions.

Projects that we look forward to:

  • On-site mining projects and their maintenance,
  • Cooling solutions for underground mining,
  • Cooling solutions for outdoor corporate events,
  • Remote HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance,
  • Large cooling systems for farming,
  • Cold rooms,
  • Dealers of the leading cooling unit brands, especially Daikin.

Air Conditioning Solutions

Once you have experienced repairs and maintenance with us, you will never go back. We specialise in air conditioning systems and can repair any cooling unit, no matter how old the model is. It is advised to sign up for maintenance check ups in a timely fashion to avoid any bad experience. We provide the following:

Air Conditioning Installation

  • If you are planning to buy a new cooling unit, our technicians will perform the most smooth installation and make sure everything is in place for you to enjoy your new purchase.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Maintenance is crucial for better performance and efficiency of your HVAC unit. These machines are supposed to last you for a couple of years minimum. But if you neglect timely care, you will end up spoiling your system. Our team provides maintenance during emergencies and you can also sign up for a maintenance package.

Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Hear something fishy? Smell something fishy? Is your unit not cooperating with your remote? No matter what troubles you and your cooling unit, our technicians are qualified to fix anything. These repairs are crucial and we understand how frustating cooling unit malfunctions can be.

Air Conditioning On Rent

  • No matter how big your guest list and how widespread your location, we are well equipped to turn any event into a better event. All you need to do is give us a call at 07 4982 3740 and discuss your needs with our team!