Commercial Ice Machine in Emerald, QLD

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Are you looking for premium quality commercialice machines from top-notch manufacturers in the industry? You have come to the right place! At Patrick Refrigeration, we supply high-quality commercial ice machines throughout Emerald. We supply the best choices of ice maker machines in Emerald to help you save maximum time and money spent on your everyday ice production. We are one of the trusted suppliers of world-class ice machine brands. All ice machines stored and supplied are suitable for residential and commercial uses.

With our ice machines, you don’t have to waste your time and effort chipping or grating blocks of ice. The easy to use and convenient process will make ice cubes or flakes instantly, without any hassle.

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Ice Cube Making Machine

Get Instant Cubes or Flakes with Our Ice Maker Machine

Investing in an ice machine will simplify your daily operations. You no longer have to waste your valuable time, use freezer space, or put in extra efforts to prepare ice manually. A commercial ice maker will prepare ice instantly, allowing you to focus on other business operations. Using a commercial ice maker can bring lots of difference (more positive) to any business, especially those involved in the hospitality industry.

Busy cafes, restaurants, and bars have never-ending requirements for ice cubes. From serving cold frappuccino and fruit drinks to preparing chilled drinks and cocktails, the use of ice cubes is a must in all food and beverage businesses. While preparation of ice cubes is essential, you wouldn’t want your customers to wait for their favourite drink. Upsetting customers means losing business. You can prevent such scenarios by using an ice machine.

An ice machine can be a real time-saver – it will provide you with a constant supply of crystal clear ice cubes in any shape and size. Considering ice machines will always eliminate the need of buying bags of ice, thus offering you an excellent return on investment. With excellent features such as convenient usage, robust functions, and instant preparation, using a commercial ice maker will prove to be the best investment for any business.

How Does an Ice Machine Work?

Whether you consider home refrigerators or commercial ice machines, the process of freezing ice has always been the same. However, the only two differences between these two units are the compressor and efficiency. Commercial ice machines have robust compressors and a better efficient refrigeration process than home refrigerators.

In commercial ice machines, the evaporator directly cools the water upon filling the ice trays. These metal ice trays – which are usually connected to a set of coiled heat-exchanging pipes (similar to home refrigerators) – are chilled using the refrigeration process.
The ice maker drives a stream of water from a collection sump and gradually pours the fluid over these metal trays. The slow process freezes the water in layers, thus preparing crystal clear ice.
After a while, the ice machine will switch on a solenoid valve – which are control units, usually connected to the heat exchanging pipes. The activated valve will change the direction of the refrigerant. In the meanwhile, the compressor will start to pump gas into a bypass tube.
The hot gas is transferred back to the evaporator, thus heating the heat exchanging pipes and ice tray. The varying temperature will cause the ice to melt and release.