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Ducted Re-Gassing

Expertly trained to re-gas your Ducted Air Conditioning and find any potential leaks in your system.

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning unit is operating but isn’t cooling or heating, then you may require a professional re-gas.

When a Ducted Air Conditioning unit is installed, a professional technician must flare or tighten its pipe connections to the correct torque to avoid leaking refrigerant. This is the most common cause for why a unit needs to be re-gassed because some technicians don’t connect these pipes efficiently. It’s important to use a qualified expert like Patrick when having your Ducted System re-gassed.

Ducted Air Conditioning systems that are older than 6 years can sometimes develop small holes in the copper piping which is another reason why a leak may occur.

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Patrick will properly re-gas a unit by:

  • Remove any refrigerant or air
  • Disconnect the piping and cut off the old flare connection
  • Rejoin the new connection and tighten
  • Nitrogen charging the unit
  • Check for any leaks and if there are none, re-gas the unit using scales
  • Test with the right amount of refrigerant


Warning signs:

  • Poor performance: your ducted unit no longer cools your home because the refrigerant charge has decreased
  • Increased energy bills: will use more energy because it can no longer cool your space
  • Loud noises: hissing or bubbling sounds means there is a major issue with your unit
  • Warm air from the vents when set to cool

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your Ducted Air Conditioning system, give the licensed experts at Patrick a call. We will efficiently uncover the leak, rectify any issues with the piping and re-gas your system so you can experience cool and powerful airflow again. Have peace of mind knowing that your Ducted Air Conditioning will be taken care of by qualified specialists.

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