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Split System Repairs

We recommend having your Ducted Air Conditioning Systems serviced once a year to avoid any system breakdown.

By servicing your unit routinely, you will notice that the system’s performance will increase, improve the airflow and supply cleaner air to your home or business. This could increase the lifespan of your Ducted unit by up to 20 years.

When your Air Conditioning system is serviced, our expert technicians will sterilise your entire unit to remove any pollution that builds up inside your unit, especially on the grilles, filters and within the ducts. This is important especially for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. We encourage you to dust and vacuum around the grilles or vents of your system, with the unit turned completely off. However, in terms of cleaning the inside of your ducts, a professional is advised

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When To Call

Determine whether you need to call the experts

Our expert Air Conditioning technicians can determine whether you may need it cleared of dust and debris or there are larger issues involved such as mould growth or a pest infestation inside the air ducts.

Patrick are trusted local Air Conditioning specialists that can provide efficient and timely Ducted Air Conditioning services and maintenance. We aim to provide the best customer experience possible so that Patrick comes first to mind when deciding on your next routine maintenance or service!

Before you give us a call, there are some checks that you can complete to determine whether you will need to call the experts.

  • Check your filter for heavy amounts of dust or mould
  • Check to see if there is dust blowing from your vents
  • Check the airflow or lack thereof and be on the lookout for odd smells

Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements our specialist team will conduct for Ducted Air Conditioning Systems include:

  • Inspecting the ducts to check for pollution or punctures
  • Inspecting electrical wires Cleaning grilles and filters of dust
  • Inspecting air duct system for leaks
  • Checking the compressor fan and condenser coils are working efficiently
  • Checking the airflow for efficiency
  • Examining panels for tightness
  • Examining gas levels

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