Ducted Heating Installation

Patrick offers the most popular type of heating.

Do you need to upgrade your heating for a cheaper and more efficient option? Our highly skilled technicians can provide you with expert advice on which style and brand of Ducted Heating are sufficient for your needs without having to spend over budget.

In terms of the functioning of Ducted Heating, cold air will flow through the heat exchanger where the air is heated by gas combustion. This air is then distributed through ducts and then transferred through the grilles or vents to provide warmth throughout the building. Ducted Heating typically uses less electricity and produces fewer greenhouse gases. You can also save on operation costs with the use of zone control. It’s possible to add a cooling mode to your Ducted Heating for an additional cost.

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Working System

Process Techno

Measuring flow, temperature level and pressure in the electrical manufacturing industry.


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Installation Process

Patrick will find the most optimal place to install your unit and to maximise the energy efficiency of your house or business.

Our technicians will need to determine the needs of the building and residents as well as the correct capacity or kilowattage needed for the heating system. Our team will ensure to meet your specific needs and find suitable heating types based on room constraints and the number of people residing on the premises.

We offer a free site survey to assess your needs and propose the best system for efficient heating at low running costs. We’ll keep your unit hidden and ensure your Ducted Heating system is precisely positioned and unobtrusive. Our specialists will also make sure that the wall cavity will hold the system before installation. We will coordinate with you to find the most efficient place to install your vents. The Patrick team will maintain clear communication to keep you informed throughout the whole process.

How Much Will Ducted Cost You

At Patrick , We Understand That Ducted Air Conditioning Is An Investment And Our Customers Should Be Equipped With The Knowledge Of What A Ducted System Entails. The Cost Of Installing Ducted Air Conditioning Is Dependent On A Few Factors

Type Of Brand

This will determine the difficulty to install and depending on whether the system chosen is a reverse cycle or cooling only will also affect the price.

Number Of Rooms

The number of rooms you require to be heated or cooled will determine the number of ducts and grilles required

Your Roof

The size of your roof space, as well as its accessibility, may be a challenge for our technicians.


The location of where the outdoor and indoor units need to be installed

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    Our Air Conditioning Installation Process Involves

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    Free site survey and excellent advice to find the right fit for the needs of your home or business.

    Custom Design & Plan

    We will then provide a comprehensive quote as well a custom design and plan for an air conditioning solution.

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