Ducted Heating Re-Gassing

We carry the nowledge and expertise to re-gas your Ducted Heating so that you can enjoy unrestricted warmth

It is vital to have your Ducted Heating checked for gas leaks as inhalation can be hazardous to your families health.

Neglected leaks in your Ducted Heating unit may lead to carbon monoxide leaks. This is the most serious health risk that can occur when your Ducted Gas Heating is not properly maintained or repaired. If not properly serviced by a technician, the leak can enter your home and cause severe illness or even death.

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How can you tell if your Ducted Heating needs to be re-gassed?

Icy piping means that your system is running low on refrigerants because it’s been leaking. This freezes the pipes which restrict the amount of airflow being supplied to each room. This restriction causes energy bills to rise because of the extra energy consumption being used to push the restricted heating through
Strange hissing or bubbling sounds may indicate a leak in your system which means it’s advised to turn off your entire system immediately

You should not need to re-gas your system unless there is a fault due to the manufacturer’s production or the technician that installed your system did not connect your piping correctly. Gas within your Ducted Heating should last the entire lifespan of the unit without requiring the need to be topped up. Our team will check for holes or a loose connection before we re-gas your unit, which is the correct procedure to avoid a future gas leak.

Emergency Service

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If you smell gas coming from your Ducted Heating, this is extremely dangerous and we advise that you turn your gas valves off immediately and contact Patrick so that we can provide one of our technicians to assist you.

Our technician will arrive on time and assess your unit before providing you with advice and possible solutions that are the most cost-efficient for your needs.

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