Ducted Heating Repairs

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Preventative maintenance for your Ducted Heating is important but sometimes you may still require a repair due to the age of your system or environmental factors. The most obvious signs of failure or breakdown of your system are:

  • Your Ducted Heater no longer produces heat
  • There are cold spots in your home
  • Your system is short-circuiting which causes it to turn off and on
  • Odd noises are coming from the unit such as grinding

If you’re experiencing any of these issues then your Ducted Heating may need urgent repair. Before you call us for assistance, there are ways that you can troubleshoot common faults first:

  • Switch power on and off to reset the system to ensure a tripped circuit is not the cause
  • Checking gas supply
  • Checking batteries in the thermostat and that manual mode is turned on
  • Checking the filter is clean

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Common Issues

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Some common issues that may arise and will require a professional technician are:

  • The system won’t turn on
  • Blowing cold air or limited airflow
  • The command centre shows an error or a blank screen
  • A burning smell or smoke coming from the vents
  • The fan runs continuously

These are clear signs that your Ducted Heating will need to be repaired by a qualified professional.

Emergency Service

24-hour emergency repairs for gas leaks & Ducted Heating break downs

Finding issues with your Ducted Heater is important because carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous if found inside your home. This has a major impact on your health, as it restricts your airways and impairs your movement when continuously inhaled. This could also potentially start a house fire since the gas is odourless and invisible. This then makes it difficult to determine if there is a leak. Failing to use your heater properly and not regularly servicing or repairing the unit may lead to these hazardous issues occurring.

We provide 24-hour emergency repairs so if you think you may have a gas leak or your Ducted Heating has broken down and needs urgent repair, give Patrick a call and we will send out a qualified expert to find a solution.

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