Split System Re-Gassing

A common cause of Split System failure is due to refrigerant gas leaking.

It is vital to have a qualified and licenced technician to install your air conditioning unit to avoid any leaking in future.

We will measure the area required and provide an upfront and comprehensive quote for the entire installation. Our team also provides aftercare support to ensure the smooth running of your system for years to come so that you’re feeling comfortable all year round.To correctly install a unit to prevent leaking refrigerant, the technician must flare the two connection points found on a Split System to join them together firmly. The refrigerant must also be weighed correctly using scales according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then a test run must be completed. This particular weighting is found on a sticker, located on the side of an outdoor condenser unit.

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Refridgerant Types

The Most Common Refrigerant Types Vary From R22, R410A Or R32:


Otherwise known as Freon, can no longer be used unless it is recycled. If your system is currently using R22 it will need to be replaced immediately.


Is the best refrigerant out of the three types due to having lower global warming potential.


Otherwise known as Puron has replaced the use of R22 as it produces much fewer greenhouse gases.

If you have a small Split System with a low kilowattage, it may not be worth re-gassing your system. Our team will advise what the most cost-effective option is, whether you should re-gas your system or purchase another small Split System.

Process of Installation

Expert Advice

If you’re unsure about which decision you should make, take into account some of these important factors:

  • The age of your split system
  • If it’s had regular maintenance
  • How much the repair will cost
  • Is there a potential risk for more repairs in the future
  • Availability of replacement parts and refrigerant
  • The amount of time needed for repair

We can provide expert advice on the matter and if you do choose a new system, our team is prepared to provide you with a quote and further advice on air conditioning types and brands to suit your needs.

How does air conditioning refrigerant work?

Refrigerant is contained in copper coils where it absorbs heat and transforms from a high-pressure gas to low pressure liquid. The outdoor unit expels the hot air that was produced to the outside unit. Once the refrigerant is cool, it will then change once again to a low-pressure gas. The condenser fan cools the coils and as a result, cools the air that is then distributed through the indoor unit.

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