Split System Servicing

Servicing and maintenance are vital to ensure the smooth running of your Split System all year round.

Without proper maintenance from a qualified expert, the performance and energy efficiency of your air conditioning system will steadily decrease.

At Patrick , we recommend cleaning your Split System’s filter every two months to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. However, your system should be serviced once a year by a professional.

Our team delivers maintenance services to the highest standard and are all accredited air conditioning specialists who strive to ensure that all our services are completed to our customer’s satisfaction.

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Maintenance Checks

The Patrick team can maintain your Split System by performing these checks and services:

  • Cleaning the Split System filter to remove any debris
  • Ensuring the compressor is clean so that your Split System supplies clean air
  • Replacing evaporator coils to allow for better circulation
  • Repairing the refrigerant leak in your unit
  • Flushing the systems drain to remove any pests
  • Testing the operation of the thermostat to ensure it’s correct
  • Measuring and testing voltage to ensure the split system is not overconsuming power
  • Testing for refrigerant leaks
  • Testing reversing value functions
  • Ensuring condensate pump is clean
  • Inspecting electrical connections for wear, corrosion or failure
  • Cleaning the exposed area of the outdoor unit as well as the indoor cover and panels
  • Checking the gas levels and pressure to ensure it’s within the specifications of the system

Reasons To Service

These checks will assist in extending your air conditioner’s life span

Prevent any breakdowns especially when you need your split system most, improve the air quality, assist in preventing any future leaks as well reduce your energy bills by 30%.

In between routine servicing, you are also able to regularly maintain your Split System using these simple but effective tips:
Cleaning the dust from the filter: this is important as dust and debris in the system’s filter can build up and cause polluted air to spread throughout your home.
Removing dirt and leaves around the outer component of your outdoor unit to avoid a system fault
Allowing your system a break every once and while

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