HVAC Service Costs – Everything You Need To Know In 2024!

Having a well-maintained and fully functional air conditioning system is a must during hot summer days. To keep it functioning effectively, air conditioning requires regular maintenance like any other system. If you don’t keep up with it, you might end up paying thousands on repairs.

But what does it cost to repair an air conditioner? The cost of repairing or maintaining an air conditioner depends on the system in question and the nature of the issue. The air conditioning repair price is determined in part by the type of system you own. You should budget for:

  • For duct air conditioning repairs, expect to pay between $71 and $131.

  • Split system repairs range from $86 to $161.

  • Inverter air conditioning repairs range from $101 to 191 dollars.

  • Multi-split system repairs cost between $121 and $221.

This article will assist you in gaining knowledge on the following topics.

What is the working principle of air conditioning?

If your air conditioner quits functioning appropriately, understanding how it works will help you determine the actual cause. The same logic applies to air conditioners and refrigerators. The chemical-based refrigerant absorbs heat from your space and is the heart of the technology.

The heated air is then pumped outside to the condenser unit, connected by pipelines. A fan sweeps all of the heat from the coils outside.

What is the average cost of air conditioning repair?

The cost of an air conditioner repair depends on several factors, including where you reside, how long the service takes, and what replacement parts are needed. Repairers for air conditioning work on an hourly basis. You can expect to pay anything between:

Domestic air conditioning is priced at $80–$110 per hour, including GST. Commercial units pay $80–$140 per hour, including GST. Rates for air conditioning repair may vary depending on where you live, so use them as a guide only. Obtaining estimates from specialists is the best way to determine the cost of your service.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning repair costs are determined by the sort of system you have. In general, you should budget for the following:

  • Repairs to ducted air conditioning cost between $71 and $131.

  • Repairs to split systems range from $86 to $161.

  • For gas heater repairs, expect to pay between $96 and $181.

  • Inverter air conditioning repairs range from $101 to $191.

  • Repairs to multi-split systems range from $121 to $221.

  • VRV system repairs range from $141 to $251.

Repairing And Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioner Issues!

The type of problem also determines the price of air conditioning repair. If you notice any of the following symptoms in your air conditioner, you will likely need to hire an air conditioning repair agency. Some of the conditions might be:

  • Leaking or dripping air conditioning unit

  • The air conditioner isn’t blowing as hard as it should

  • The unit shuts down frequently

  • Quite a bit noisier or louder than typical

  • Reduction in airflow

  • The unit lacks cooling or heating function

  • The electricity goes off

  • The fan is running, but there is no cool air

The following are some of the most common solutions for these issues with cost:

  • Leak repairs range from $225 to $1600, depending on the severity of the problem.

  • $50–$150 for a general tune-up.

  • Replacement of a circuit board costs between $120 and $600.

  • Air filter replacement costs $70–$100.

  • The cost of replacing the refrigerant ranges from $160 to $400.

  • $108–$250 for resetting the thermostat

Regular maintenance might help you save money on air conditioner repairs.

Wipe the external unit down every few weeks and give rise to no coatings getting caught near it to maintain it sterile. The exterior condenser fins are included in this. Saturating the retrieval air filters on the internal unit is also necessary, especially if the team has been exposed to dust.

Another simple area to maintain is the drain outlet from the exterior condenser. This is usually clean plastic hosiery that protrudes from the unit’s bottom. If this is allowed to build up, it can result in your team cooling up.

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