What Are the Pros & Cons of Portable Air Conditioners? Is it more efficient to use?

Portable air cooling can be a great substitute if you live in a place where it is challenging to install ducting or a more substantial air conditioning system. These air conditioners can be an affordable solution for renters, those who move frequently, or for a smaller living area whereas other air conditioning systems need installation, a technician, or HVAC professional, and can cost thousands of dollars.

Although a portable aircon is a fantastic alternative, it is always important to weigh the pros and cons of any potential purchase. As a reputable air conditioning service in Emerald, we want to help you make the best choice, in which we have highlighted some  portable aircon pros and cons below.

Benefits of portable air conditioners

Lower Price

One of the best portable AC benefits is that it is reasonably priced. A portable air conditioner is a cost-effective alternative when compared to the cost of a central air conditioning unit and the labour required to install it.

Simple Installation

One of the benefits of portable air conditioners is that they are easy to install.. They only need an electrical outlet and a window for the intake and exhaust hoses. A set of instructions on how to put together the window hose unit is included with the air conditioner itself.

Usually Simple to Move

One of the portable AC benefits is that those who want the flexibility to utilise cooling where they need it, the majority of models allow you to wheel the unit around to where you need it. In comparison to a window unit, it is also a great deal simpler to transfer and manage. While portable units may roll from one area to another, window units often require more than one person to relocate.


Any air conditioner you purchase will produce some form of noise, regardless of the model. Even while a portable air conditioner can significantly increase the noise in a space, it is frequently just “background noise” and isn’t bothersome. It’s crucial to understand what to anticipate in terms of noise, just as with any other air conditioner. If you really must have a silent air conditioner, look for a portable air conditioner that has “quiet” listed as a feature.

 Not Energy Efficient

Even though there are many different portable aircon pros and cons,  they are not energy-efficient. Your energy costs might drastically increase if you are using a portable air conditioner as your main source of cooling. The ideal decision is to invest in a model that has a programmable thermostat if energy efficiency is a top priority for your house.

Temperature and Humidity Control

A portable air conditioner won’t do much to manage humidity and is not designed to survive days with higher temperatures. This definitely isn’t a portable AC benefit,  it does provide enough humidity relief, the air conditioner’s water pan needs to be frequently emptied to prevent leaks and water damage.

Cools Only Small Places

The cooling capacity of portable air conditioners is limited. You’ll need to purchase many units for different rooms if you want to efficiently chill a full house. The cost of the energy needed to operate those units may pile up rapidly, and the cost of the maintenance might not even be worth it. It is preferable to take a central air conditioner emerald into consideration if you’re searching for a way to chill a complete house or business space

When selecting a portable air conditioner, there are numerous things to take into account. We can assist you in finding the ideal air conditioner for your house if you believe that a portable air conditioner might not be the best option for your requirements. Our team of HVAC professionals can assess your home’s size and assist you in selecting the best and most energy-efficient option. In addition, we offer a range air conditioning service in emerald like installation, maintenance, and repair. For more information related to the benefits of a portable air conditioner or for further enquiries,  call us at 07 4982 3740 or email us at info@patrickrefrigeration.com .